«Hammer of Thor» will make your partner’s professional in the bed.

Sex is not always so wonderful as we would like. Even the happiest couples sometimes have problems in bed. If you have problems in bed regularly, then you really need to think about what this relationship is wrong. If your partner for sex you are not satisfied, you need to take immediate action!


Try a new drug drop «Hammer of Thor».

1) find Out why you are not having fun.
Maybe he misses the chase? Or she is very passive and bored? Find out? Express dissatisfaction at the compliment, as you are not hurting the feelings of your partner.
Let’s say your partner skips foreplay: you know, you’re really turning me on, I thought about you all day, please, do it to me… Then tell me what you want. Believe me, your partner will do exactly what you ask. The main thing – to have it, and then tell about your desire.

2) Know when the sexual life is doomed to failure?
When one partner starts to get bored and lose interest in sex, and the other partner is feeling it, too, begins to lose interest in sex. If you want your partner was better at sex turned professional, you need to become a professional. Start to amaze your partner, and he in turn will begin to surprise you. Try: sexy lingerie, various costumes, new poses, romantic setting and music.

3) the Majority gets sexual expectation of romantic movies.
There are all glossed over: there’s always champagne, long foreplay etc. this can Sometimes happen when we are not quite ready for it: bad hair, unshaven legs. It can happen in the morning and evening. This can happen at home, outside the home. You will not always be the perfect setting. With the ideal partner will also not always. No. But sex will still be enjoyable for you.

4) Exhausting sports training health not add.
For a healthy sexual life is very important to maintain good physical shape. Regular sports help to maintain sexual activity. But beware of heavy and tiring training that will lead you into a state of fatigue (there can be no love of entertainment).

To enhance potency yoga, meditation, breathing exercises or other positive techniques. In the end, all important reasonable approach.

Prepare yourself for «homemade Viagra»

For this recipe you will need:
0.5 kg flower honey of good quality;
125 g powdered ginger;
50 g of the Indian saffron powder;
25 g peeled and crushed green cardamom seeds;
3 g of crushed coriander seeds;
2 teaspoons of seeds nettle;
1 teaspoon of Royal jelly;
2 teaspoons of pollen;
50 g peeled and chopped pistachios;
50 g peeled pine nuts.
All the ingredients mix. Take one tablespoon twice a day.

You can use another good recipe. Take 100 grams of fennel fruit and 100 g of the leaves of the celery, pour a liter of new wine. Soak 4 weeks. Drink 150 grams after a meal.

PS the Human body, despite its fragility, is a complex mechanism, which is able to correct their «failure.» If you don’t forget to take care of their physical condition, are at odds with your inner world, your body will serve you long and regularly at any time of the year.

Each has its own requirements for sex. Create your own ideal sex life
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